Assault on the Necrospire
Assault on the Necrospire is a roguelike with an emphasis on interesting loot and character building. The Necromancer has destroyed the wizard order, leaving only you alive. Venture through the ever changing Necrospire to bring him to justice.
(and collect some awesome loot at the same time)

Harness the power of magic
Equip powerful spell tomes to modify your attacks. Slow your enemies, burn them to a crisp or even freeze them in time. Multiple spell tomes can be equipped at once, combining their effects.
Game screenshot

Game screenshot
Discover a wealth of loot
The Necrospire is brimming with loot, holding the power to improve your statistics and bestow powerful effects. Mythical items await those able to reach the highest floors of the Necrospire.

A new experience each time
Each journey into the Necrospire is totally randomised; no two runs will be the same.
Game screenshot

Game screenshot
Explore the unknown
The Necrospire is not all it seems. Only those who search the hardest will discover its secrets.